Chief Minister's Message


Education is one of the top priorities of my government. I have made various interventions which include efforts for compulsory primary education, stipend for girls, emphasis on teachers’ training for which a separate task force was constituted which has made admirable headway in ensuring continuous up-gradation of teachers’ quality, encouraging talented but poor students through scholarships to continue higher education and also encouraging with monetary rewards extra-curricular activities amongst students at all levels.

Establishment of Daanish Schools in the Punjab is a concrete step towards materializing my vision of poverty alleviation through quality and free education to the poorest sections of the society. Within in a short span of one year, six schools have already started functioning in Bahawalpur Division. These cater equally to the deprived girls and boys who are selected purely on merit according to the provisions laid down in the Punjab Daanish Schools and Centres of Excellence Authority Act 2010. These schools emphasize quality both in terms of academic excellence and extra-curricular activities. The Daanish schools are boarding schools and look after all the requirements of the students.

Excellence in studies and teachers’ quality is my prime focus. We are trying to secure the maximum return for the investment made. The grooming of these children will have linkages within the society and be able to create awareness in the neighboring communities as a multiplier effect. We are on our way to establishing Daanish schools in other less developed areas of Punjab, where the need is the greatest. I look forward to public encouragement and participation in this effort.
  Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif