Daanish Schools

 Daanish schools is the largest network of boarding schools for Girls and Boys in the country, they are far-reaching educational welfare schools established for the most marginalized segment of the society. Daanish Schools are located in remote and less developed areas, which are high in poverty and low in literacy. At present, 16 Daanish Schools (8 Girls & 8 Boys) are fully operational across the Province. The toral student strength is 9365, 4626 Girls and 4739 Boys. The total academic staff for all schools is 526 and administrative staff is 1693. Each class has 03 sections and the maximum strength is limited to 30-35 students to maintain discipline, individualized attention and delivery of lessons. The students are admitted in Grade VI and study till F.Sc. all Daanish are registered with BISE Lahore.

Student Strength for Each School

Each year a total of 110 students are admitted in each campus. Designated strength of each school is 770 students. Apart from the deserving category, the schools have a separate Provincial Quota for each federating unit. This year special quota was also made for the Provincially Administered Tribal Areas (PATA). The schools offer free of charge services and facilities to the deserving category students.   

Distribution of Seats (Each School)
Total / year Deserving  Provincial Quota Self-Finance
110 85 14 11
Provincial / Tribal Area Seats
Name KPK&FATA Baluchistan Sindh AJK GB Cholistan PATA Total
Held Seats  (Boys :350  Girls:167) 176 165 38 45 48 45 26 517

In current financial year in pursuance of the policy provided by the Authority apart from the 110 Deserving, Provincial and Self-Finance Quota, provision was made to induct on merit 30 Day Scholars in each class. At present 259 Day Scholars have been enrolled in various schools.  The low enrollment of day scholars is due to remote locations of schools where public transport is not easily available. The Authority is working on various options to provide quality transport service to access the schools.

Facilities Provided - Free of Charge 

Enlisted below are the facilities that has been provided free of cost:

  • Academic Blocks/Hostels
  • Sports grounds
  • Science Laboratories
  • Library
  • IT Centres
  • Medical (Doctor & Psychiatrist)
  • 30 – 35 Students per Section
  • Teacher section ratio (1.5:1)
  • Toilet 1 for 20 students
  • Food and Bedding
  • Uniform and Sports Kits
  • Shoes and Utility Items
  • Stationery
  • Counseling Service
  • Arts Clubs
List of Daanish Schools
Sr. School District Operational Acres Existing Students
1 Chishtian (Boys) Bahwalnagar 2010 514 712
2 Chishtian (Girls) Bahwalnagar 2010 652
3 Hasilpur (Boys) Bahawalpur     2010 400 769
4 Hasilpur (Girls) Bahawalpur     2010 684
5 R. Y. Khan(Boys) R. Y. Khan         2010 104 714
6 R. Y. Khan (Girls) R. Y. Khan         2010 660
7 Harnoli (Boys) Mianwali          2013 380 806
8 Harnoli (Girls) Mianwali          2013 689
9 Jand (Boys) Attock               2013 226 585
10 Jand (Girls) Attock               2013 585
11 D. G. Khan (Boys) D. G. Khan      2013 100 718
12 D. G. Khan (Girls) D. G. Khan      2013 686
13 Fazilpur (Boys) Rajanpur        2013 102 741
14 Fazilpur (Girls) Rajanpur        2013 690
15 Mailsi (Boys) Vehari                       2019 153 324
16 Mailsi (Girls) Vehari                       2019 281
17 Mankera (Boys) Bhakkar           Under construction 200  
18 Mankera (Girls) Bhakkar          Under construction  
19 Taunsa (Boys) D.G. Khan       Under construction 230  
20 Taunsa (Girls) D.G. Khan       Under construction  

Governing Body

All schools are managed under the guidelines provided by the Authority by respective Governing Bodies. All Governing Bodies are notified and fully functional.

DC Convener
Principal Secretary 
5 members  Notables and educational experts
  • Administer day to day affairs of the School.
  • Recommendation for appointment of teaching staff and no- teaching staff.
  • Monitor Accounts and Finance.
  • Receive charities and donations.

Admission Criteria & Process

  • Orphan having lost both parents, no guardian, being taken care of by an elder sibling or a member of extended family.
  • Orphan and living with mother.
  • Both parents are illiterate, parents don't own any immovable property and either of them is disabled.
  • Parents don't have any fixed job or source of income.
  • Not resident of a town, Tehsil or District headquarters. Parents are semi - skilled  or unskilled menial village workers.
  • Resident of a town, Tehsil or District headquarters and their household resides in a Katcha house.
  • The income of both the parents is less than 15,000/ per month.
  • New Admissions are duly advertised in leading newspapers and are promoted in the vicinity of established schools.
  • The applications are vetted on the admission criteria.
  • Admission tests are conducted sumultaneoudly in each campus.
  • Top 250 students are selected purely on merit and their particulars are sent for antecedent verification of their financial statement by the Deputy Commissioner's office.
  • On receipt of names for selected candidates top 150 students are sent for medical examination/test by the school.