Induction Timeline


Daanish Schools

Induction of Entry 2020


Date Day Activity
Nov 11, 2019 Monday Advertisement in News Papers
Nov 10 -17, 2019 Sunday - Sunday Printing of Pamphlets and admission form
Nov 12, 2019 Tuesday
  • Letter to DC /ACs of all tehsil of relevant District of the Schools and sending advertisement/pamphlet/admission forms,
  • Letter to CEO Chief Executive Officer (Edu) of relevant District of the Schools and send admission forms to all Government Primary/Elementary/Middle Schools. S
  • ending Advertisement/pamphlets/admission to photostat shops and EDOs all tehsil in the District
Nov 18, 2019 Monday Sending pamphlets in local newspapers of all tehsils of the District
Dec 20, 2019 Friday Last day to receive Applications
Dec 29, 2019 Sunday Written Test
Dec 30 - 31, 2019 Monday & Tuesday Marking of Papers / Preparation of Results
Jan 6, 2020 Monday Forward a list of 250 applicants to the Head Office and to the DC office for antecedent verification with last date as March 5th 2020, for the session to begin on time.
Jan 12, 2020 Sunday Provincial level test
Jan 17, 2020 Friday Provincial Results to be sent to the Provinces for antecedent verification (copy to Head Office) with of 25th Feb as last date
Feb 28, 2020 Friday Provinces to send Antecedent verifications
Mar 31, 2020 Sunday PEC Result Class V
Apr 7 - 8, 2020 Tuesday - Wednesday List of 150 Selected Students to be sent to Head Office for permission to proceed for Medical test at DHQ, Results of Local level after antecedent verification will be received
Apr 18, 2020 Saturday All selected students  to report for uniform and shoe sizes
Apr 20, 2020 Monday Start of new academic session (tentative)

Centres of Excellence

Admission Timeline (2020 - 21)

Procedure Period
  • Collection of Admission forms from the school
    • Submission of Admission forms
    • Preparation 4 x versions of each written test

1st week of Jan

15 days after the publication of Advertisement

15 days after the publication of Advertisement

  • Written Test

18th Feb

  • Processing of Admission

18th Feb

  • Announcement of written result (merit list)

25th Feb

  • Interview of Students / Parents

28th Feb - 10th Mar

  • Display / Announcement of result

15th Mar

  • Admitted students provided written Admission Slips

20th Mar

  • Admitted students provided written Admission Slips

2nd Apr